Floral perfumes for women

With its elegant accords, its multitude of flowers and its diversity of possible mixtures, it is the most important of our olfactory notes. We offer fragrances with floral blends or with prevailing notes called soliflores in perfumery. Floral perfume is the most appreciated by women. In perfumery, it is characterized by its multiple natural scents, and the French Society of Perfumers has dedicated an entire olfactory family to it.

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A floral fragrance brings sweetness and sensuality

Generally speaking, a floral fragrance brings sweetness and sensuality. Given the wide range of floral materials, the scents are refined, and the fragrances offered are numerous. Hence the possibility of finding your ideal and easily suitable floral perfume for women. The flowers brings out joy. They also symbolize beauty, lightness and look.

Olfactory families determine the overall character and personality of a fragrance.

Each flower has its properties

Each flower has different and targeted olfactory properties:

  • Narcissus is the fragrance of pleasure and eroticism.
  • Mimosa symbolizes joy and vitality.
  • The magnolia is intense and bright, the jasmine is sensual.
  • The iris is intense and bright.
  • Geranium is a symbol of beauty, appearance, and humility.
  • The violet embodies the sweet and delicate femininity.
  • The tuberose is the perfume of audacity and consciousness.
  • The rose symbolizes love, of course. Neroli identifies with peace.
  • The verbena remains warm and enveloping.
  • And finally, the ylang-ylang is the warm and feminine fragrance by definition.

Emit a scent over time

Additionally, these floral scents are harmonized to other scents of different families. Especially as a base note so that the perfume emits its scent over time. This is how we find fruity and gourmet floral perfumes at the same time, or powdery or musky floral perfumes for instance.

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