Fresh Perfumes

Fresh perfumes are mostly fragrances of the olfactory family of Hesperides. Being the oldest family, it is the one that welcomed the first eaux de Cologne put on the market. Among the perfumes classified in this olfactory family, we will find citrus scents such as bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin…


For the record (with a big R)

Its name comes from Greek mythology. More particularly from the garden of Hesperides, this garden contained an apple tree producing golden fruits. Hercules had been commissioned to bring them back during the eleventh of his eponymous labors. The Swedish botanist Carl Von Linnaeus then estimated that it must have been oranges and therefore named the citrus family the Hesperides. Just like the essential oils that make this olfactory family’s scents, which are obtained by the extracted zest of citrus fruits, it was naturally named in reference to this part of history.

Very popular perfumes in the south of France

Fresh citrus scents are very popular in our region of the south of France. The sun, the aperitif terraces, the summer evenings, the night walks feel like holidays in Provence. During the summer period, we favor fresh eaux de toilette that is less concentrated and lighter because of the heat that has the particularity of intensifying the scents. The citrus scents for men and women, bring lightness and cheerfulness like the delicate, sparkling mandarin. Just like the orange that fights sadness. Our favorite, the bergamot, lively and sparkling, gives energy and lightness. The lemon, fragrance of reason, is intense, very fresh and enveloping. The lemongrass, a perfect stimulant, channels energies. An aromatic and intense scent.

Natural and fresh scents

Apart from citrus fragrances, other fresh notes exist in perfumery. The green notes extracted from daffodils, mimosa, lily give off natural and fresh scents. The cut stems, with vegetable smells, are recent in perfumery. Also, the marine notes are fresh too, and highly prized symbols of freedom and vitality. They refer to the sea, iodine, water, ocean… the air of the open sea.

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