Les Parfums d’Uzège

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Les Parfums d’uzège

A creator’s olfactory walks

Artisanal perfumer in Uzès

As a creative perfumer, we do not use mass marketing and communication campaign. We favour quality and originality.

As an independent perfume creator on the Lands of Uzès, we have decided to present you authentic perfumes, which are very different from the ones you find in mainstream perfume shop.


Patchouli en Uzès

Patchouli Coton


Our Patchouli Range

Discover our mono fragrance Patchouli, the benchmark of Les Parfums d’Uzège, with its raw aspect. This fragrance is perfect for patchouli lovers. This perfume suits both women and men. With its raw aspect and earthy, wild and spicy essences, it remains the standard.

Fragrance by olfactory note

Choose your fragrance:

Choosing a fragrance is a pleasurable moment, we advise you to first select your favorite olfactory note. Additionally, since perfume is your sensory signature, you can also choose the note that suits you :

If you would like some advice to help you choose, contact us !

Our Women's, Men's and Mixed Fragrances

Women toilet water

Men toilet water

Mixed eau de toilette

Our Fragrances’ soul :

Each perfume has a soul and triggers an emotion. We need to mostly be in tune with this fragrance when we wear it. It is a reflection of our personality.

Valérie Rossi,


eau de parfum Duchesse

We came up with a fragrance for women with Uzetian emotions. After many tests and prototypes,  Duchesse, our local and original fragrance, has seen the light of day with woody, green and floral notes. “Duchesse” initially reveals Hesperides notes and highlights local flowers and its musky base also ennobled by sandalwood.

We are currently working on a local men’s fragrance… coming soon.

Dessin du patchouli avec ses feuilles
Duchesse eau de parfum femme d'Uzès

Home-made perfume creator

According to us, perfume needs to be an emotion and must adapt itself to your personality. To do so, we have been working closely with our laboratory located in Grasse since the beginning of the journey. With our laboratory, we favor the rarity and the difference of French perfumes.

“The reflection of our personality, is to feel in harmony with the fragrance we wear.”

The creation of a perfume, an olfactory memory

Our work is similar to an artisanal perfumer. We must achieve a new and singular olfactory effect. Throughout our entire life, and mostly during the pleasant moments of our childhood, our olfactory memory forms itself. Our olfactive memory is the oldest form of memories. This sense remains engraved in our subconscious. And we, as a creative perfumer, have the desire to transcribe it in our fragrances.

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