Patchouli Perfumes

Patchoulis Perfumes, fragrances with complex and powerful notes that divide and fascinate.

We can distinguish three ways to use this ingredient in perfumery. The “raw” patchouli, the reworked Patchouli, and the Patchouli in a creation. You can then find it in our shop’s various products. In the olfactory notes, we offer you the first two aspects.

Our pure patchouli fragrance:

Carlos Bénaïm, a perfumer and a chemist said: “When you touch its leaf, the smell of patchouli remains on your hand for a long time”.

Indeed, patchouli alone gives off a complex, woody but also not unpleasant, moldy smell. He is the earth element. It brings strength. It is thus an ideal ingredient for a raw, vegetal, and strong perfumery. Therefore, it represents the cycle of life with its smell of roots and everything that is attached to the earth

This patchouli, with its raw aspect and its earthy, wild, and spicy essences, remains the standard. It gives off heat through a camphor freshness.

We recommend our mono fragrance Patchouli, the reference of Les Parfums d’Uzège with its raw aspect as described above. As a result, this fragrance is ideal for patchouli lovers. It is a patchouli fragrance for both women and men. Thanks to its success, we have declined this eau de toilette into eau de parfum. Therefore, you can choose between our Eau de Parfum and our Eau de Toilette.


Our reworked Patchoulis:

These Patchouli Perfumes provide other aspects such as: more cottony, softer, fruitier and woodier aspects.

  • Our eau de parfum “patchouli coton”, is a fragrance for women with more floral and fresher notes.
  • The “Patchouli en Uzès”, a unique Patchouli with some touches of our land. It is distinguished by its fruity and woody notes. A mixed fragrance
  • Dernières publications :

    • Echantillon de parfums, parfums d'Uzège

      "Une fois votre commande terminée, vous recevrez un bon d’achat du montant de votre commande à utiliser dans les 30 jours qui suivent."

      Un kit de 5 échantillons parfums au choix

      Les Parfums d’Uzège vous proposent de composer vos 5 échantillons de 2 ml chacun parmi notre gamme.

      • Patchouli
      • Patchouli en Uzès
      • Patchouli Coton
      • Duchesse
      • Musc-Blanc
      • A l’ombre du Figuier
      • Fleurs poudrées
      • Bergamote d’Italie
      • Jasmin du Nil
      • Fleur de Tiaré
      • Thé Gourmand
      • Ylang-Ylang
      • Marine
      • Recens Hortus
      • Green Garden
      • Vétiver boisé
      • Cèdre
      • Santal Blanc

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