Coco Poudrée


An exotic and powdery gourmet eau de toilette. Our perfumeCoco Poudrée” is a real olfactory escape.

Top Note: Fruity

Heart Note: Fruity, Sweet

Base Note: Powdery

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Coconut is the coconut tree fruit. That tree is originally from the Palmaceae family. In perfumery, a tropical fruit emanates gourmet, sweet and exotic scents. The powdery coconut scent is a real olfactory escape. A dream trip, a holiday on a paradisiacal beach, the softness and warmth of the sun on our body, the relaxation and leisure. As well as the pleasure of tasting fresh coconuts, starting with its juice, a pure delight and then chewing the inside of it.


Our eau de toilette “Coco Poudrée”

Our “Coco Poudrée fragrance is a unique creation of coconut and peach in the top note. Coconut combined with peach makes it possible to sublimate it. As a result, the coconut scent is immediately present. In order to soften its powerful scent, we mixed almond and caramel as a heart note. Unfortunately, the almond note cannot be produced from the nut. Les Parfums d’Uzège uses the powerful active ingredients of coumarin from the Tonka bean to reproduce the delicate and flowery almond notes. The caramel brings its gourmet, smooth and warm touch. And finally, vanilla slips perfectly into the base note. A powdery base, vanilla is the childhood fragrance. These multiple aspects have conquered a large number of perfumers.

A gourmet perfume for women. This fragrance is fruity and gourmet in its own right. A pleasure for coconut lovers. In addition, its calm aroma soothes anxiety. Its scent calls for daydreaming… For sunny and warm days in the middle of exotic and mesmerizing landscapes.


Scented Notes:

Top: Coconut, Peach

Heart: Almond, Caramel

Base: Tonka beans, Vanilla

Produced and packaged in France.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg

Alcohol Denat, Aqua, Parfum, Coumarin


15 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml


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