Eau de Parfum Duchesse


“Duchesse”, an eau de parfum for women. Its originality will seduce you with its woody, green and floral notes. This unique fragrance is a Uzetian emotion.

Top Note: Floral, Green

Heart Note: Floral, Woody

Base Note: Woody, Musky


Why Duchesse?

We wanted to create a fragrance about our local heritage and more particularly our city of Uzès. Uzès is a city full of history, art and noble architectural quality. The Duke and the Duchess stay there regularly. The city’s coat of arms bears three fleurs-de-lis. In the city’s core is the “place aux Herbes”, with its many restaurants, tea rooms and cafés. A popular market takes place there twice a week. There are local products, olive oil, olives, dried fruits, fruits and vegetables, wines, cheeses, spices but also fish, meat, and poultry. An exceptional olfactory blend.


Our environment

The city overlooks a natural environment made up of garigue. Taking a walk, in the Eure Valley, particularly reflects our vegetation. We go from the world of houses and monuments in cut stone, cobbled streets and plane trees to holm oaks, olive trees, stones, and limestone rocks. Then, around the city, we find crops of vines and truffles. The walks around Uzès evoke beauty, relaxation, calm embellished with the smell of garigue. On the other hand, the summer, the warmth, and the cicadas song invade us with a feeling of well-being. A warm atmosphere spreads around dry stones, clapas, dry stone huts, massive limestones, rivers, and their pebbles. The contrast between the fresh water and the burning pebbles is exhilarating.


A unique creation

To do this, we worked for a long time with our laboratory in Grasse around all its scents and emotions. The challenge is to turn this heritage into a feeling and then a perfume. This fragrance must at the same time speak about the taste, the warmth, the feeling of well-being… This women’s perfume must be an emotion! The tests and prototypes lasted two years. We had the prototypes tested many times by our dedicated Uzetians (they will recognize themselves) before finalizing this original and local eau de parfum.


Our women’s eau de parfum “Duchesse”

Duchesse” is a mix of woody, green and floral notes. To begin with, the top note, is appreciated with the rose for instance, a soft and light essence. It symbolizes feelings and emotions. It also favors personal initiative and arts. This floral sweetness is mixed with bright, sparkling, fresh and enveloping citrus fruits. The fleur-de-lis, symbol of purity and chastity, coats its notes with a vegetal and spring scent. This naturalistic fragrance is gradually devoured by a floral and woody heart note. A white floral bouquet composed of jasmine, lily of the valley and cyclamen, transposes its joy and good mood. In addition to this, cyclamen proves its strong and sincere attachment. The Cedar wood and guaiac ennoble this fragrance with their smoky, woody, and slightly balsamic notes. This heart is all the more highlighted by the spiced sweetness of the clove.

Pyramide olfactive de l'eau de toilette Duchesse, des Parfums d'Uzège

The base of this fragrance for women is woody and musky. Sandalwood, a perfect binder, envelops this composition with its power. Our white musk illuminates this mixture. We have from all these notes, imagined, and sensed the scent of a Uzetian. Produced and packaged in France.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Famille olfactive


Notes de tête

tiges vertes, bergamote, citron, rose

Notes de cœur

bois de gaîac, cyclamen, Bois de Cèdre, Clou de Girofle, jasmin, muguet

Notes de fond

patchouli, bois de Santal, musc blanc, vanille


Ingrédients : Alcohol Denat. Parfum Linalool Hydroxycitronellal Benzyl Salicylate Citronellol Geraniol Eugenol Aqua Farnesol Hexyl Cinnamal Limonene Benzyl Benzoate Isoeugenol Benzyl Alcohol Citral


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