Scents of Uzès

Woody fragrances were, in their early days, for men only

Our Uzetian municipality is culturally rich with its history but also with its flora, landscapes and atmospheres.

Allow us to explain through a bit of history our enthusiasm to make you discover a range of perfumes with “Scents of Uzès”.

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The history of Uzès, the 1st Duke of France :

First of all, Uzès is a water city with its source of the Eure. The Romans captured abundant water there. This water was transported to Nîmes. The Pont du Gard is its main aqueduct. In the fifth century, Uzès was the city of bishops. Uzès is the 1st Duke of France. The Duke still belongs to the ducal family who have been staying there for 1000 years.

Internationally renowned companies

Due to its train station, many activities are established there and remain so till this day. The licorice shop became Haribo. The Pichon pottery is now internationally renowned. With its fame, the city of Uzès is embellished and classified as a city of Art and History.

Classified villages and exceptional sites

Around Uzès, we have many classified villages, the Gorges du Gardon with its Saint Nicolas bridge, the spectacular Pont du Gard listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, many oil mills, and quality vineyards. In addition, we have an exceptional natural wealth: the garigue with its cliffs, its cultures, its fauna, and flora. The scents of garigue and its vegetation constitute the atmosphere of the south of France… We have chosen to trace all this wealth through olfactory sensations. The senses help in understanding the spirit of the regions and the places visited.

Discover our scents of Uzès

We invite you to discover our Scents of Uzès: “Duchesse”, an eau de parfum, which we describe as Uzetian emotion. “Patchouli en Uzès”, our olfactory specialty reworked with local scents. “À l’Ombre du Figuier”, which represents the summer and the Indian summer in Uzège.

We do not intend to stop there, as we have been working for two years on a men’s fragrance. See you in a few months.

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    • Echantillon de parfums, parfums d'Uzège

      "Une fois votre commande terminée, vous recevrez un bon d’achat du montant de votre commande à utiliser dans les 30 jours qui suivent."

      Un kit de 5 échantillons parfums au choix

      Les Parfums d’Uzège vous proposent de composer vos 5 échantillons de 2 ml chacun parmi notre gamme.

      • Patchouli
      • Patchouli en Uzès
      • Patchouli Coton
      • Duchesse
      • Musc-Blanc
      • A l’ombre du Figuier
      • Fleurs poudrées
      • Bergamote d’Italie
      • Jasmin du Nil
      • Fleur de Tiaré
      • Thé Gourmand
      • Ylang-Ylang
      • Marine
      • Recens Hortus
      • Green Garden
      • Vétiver boisé
      • Cèdre
      • Santal Blanc

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