Woody Perfumes

Woody fragrances were in their early days for men only.

Woody notes appeared in the 1940s within the perfumers’ range. At the very beginning, these notes are only used as a bottom note because they are essential to fix a scent. Woody fragrances were for men only. Because woody perfumes for men give a strong and powerful personality.

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A perfume liked by both men and women

To this date, perfumers use them, of course as a base note, but also as a heart note. As a result, the scents are more noticeable. Especially since nowadays, the woody perfume is equally appreciated by men and women. They assume these intense and woody fragrances. Perfumers develop mixed and/or feminine ranges.

Each tree, resin or leaf has its own scent and distinctive features.

A full-fledged olfactory family is intended for it. Its notes are warm and opulent (sandalwood, patchouli) and sometimes even dry (cedar, vetiver).

Each tree, resin or leaf has its own scent and distinctive features. There are several woody scents, and they have the particularity of being as close as possible to nature. The most used scents in perfumery are sandalwood, cedar and vetiver which are also, according to their types, different.

We will delve into some of them, especially those present in our compositions.

  • The sweetest of the woody scents is sandalwood, it brings sweetness with persistent, smooth, and creamy notes. This is the temptation’s fragrance. They are powerful and enticing. Complex, sandalwood brightens the senses and opens the heart.

  • The dry and elegant cedar is a noble scent. Its essence extracted from wood is one of the oldest. The fragrance of reflection that strengthens the mind and protects it. It also helps to remain lucid, to maintain balance and with the sense of proportion.

  • Finally, the vetiver, a woody fragrance with sensual, warm, and smoky scents. A heavy and complex fragrance, and at the same time fresh, moist, and vegetable. It gives the strength that the earth brings out. Vetiver is not a tree, but a plant composed of large tufts of green grass with roots that are three meters deep and intertwine. It is these roots that contain the odorous molecules.

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